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Samir Saci
3 min readOct 9, 2022

If you’re looking for insights related to Data Analytics for Supply Chain Sustainability or Personal Productivity: you found the right profile!

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👋 Hi There!

A few words about me,

1. 📅 Born in Paris

2. 👨‍🎓 Studied Mechanical and Automotive Engineering in Lille and Beijing.

3. ‍💼 2016: started as a Supply Chain Solution Designer (3PL) in Shanghai

4. 📦2016–2020: designed logistics solutions for customers in Retail, Cosmetics, E-Commerce and Luxury Operations in the Asia Pacific

5. 🖊️2020: I moved to the customer side in the continuous improvement team of the global logistics department of an FMCG group.

In this blog, I am sharing part of this knowledge and experience with real-world operational examples and the source code of my solutions.

📰 Supply Chain Blog

In the blog section, you can access 70+ articles with

  • A statement of the problem to solve based on an actual project
  • Introduction of the mathematical concept used to solve the problem
  • Implementation using a programming language like Python, VBA or javascript
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➔ You can find them in my reading lists

⏳ Productivity

Use programming to automate manual tasks, learn languages or make important decisions.

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➔ You can find them in my reading lists

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🎥 Youtube Channel

On my YouTube channel named Supply Science, you can find shorts, explainer videos and tutorials.

Tutorials and Explainers

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  1. 📦 Warehouse Management
  2. 🚚 Transportation Optimization
  3. 🌲 Supply Chain Sustainability
  4. 🏭 Lean Six Sigma Concepts and Tools
  5. 🔗 Supply Chain Optimization
  6. 📉 Supply Chain Analytics
  7. 📊 Python Tutorials for Visualizations
  8. ⏱️ Performance Management
  9. 🤖 Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Supply Chain Concepts #Shorts

Examples of Shorts

Shorts videos to define Supply Chain acronyms such as WMS, SOP, 3PL, PO, APS and tips to improve your operations […]

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