Organize your routes to deliver parcels with a minimum number of drivers using optimization models with python

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How can we use heuristic algorithms to find the right strategy to load a maximum number of pallets in a sea container?

Application of the 2D knapsack problem for pallets loading — (Image by Author)
  • Retail value (USD): your goods’ retail value is 225,000$…

Use Linear Programming to Increase your Production Capacity for the Final Assembly of Luxury Products

Example of Job-Shop with 4 lines for Value Added Services in a Distribution Center of a Luxury Brand — (CAD Model by Author)
  • Machine 1 — Anti-theft tag: put a self alarm tag to protect your goods against theft in the store

Design of Excel Automation Tools for Sales Analytics ready to be used by your colleagues without any prior knowledge of Python

Excel Automation — (Image by Author)

1. Scenario

A list of projects coming from actual operational case studies that can be used to develop your skills in Data Science and quickly impact your organization

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A statistical methodology to segment your products based on turnover and demand variability

Use Statistics for Product Segmentation — (Image by Author)
  • The highest contribution to your total turnover: ABC Analysis
  • The most unstable demand: Demand Variability

Use non-linear programming to find the optimal ordering policy that minimizes capital, transportation and storage costs

Optimize Store Procurement Strategy — (Image by Author)
  • Transportation Costs from the Supplier Warehouse to the Store Reserve ($/Carton)
  • Costs to finance your inventory (% of inventory value in $)
  • Reserve (Store’s Warehouse) Rental Costs…

Replace Minitab with Python to perform a Logistic Regression to estimate the minimum bonus needed to reach 75% of a productivity target

Minimum Bonus Problem- — (Image by Author)
I. Problem Statement
What should be the minimum amount of daily incentive to get 75% of workers that reach their productivity target?
II. Data Analysis
1. Exploratory Data Analysis

Analysis with Python sample data from experiment
2. Fitted…

Estimate the workload for returns management assuming a normal distribution of the number of items per carton received from your stores.

Central Limit Theorem Framework — (Image by Author)
I. Scenario
Problem Statement
As the Inbound…

Where do you need to allocate your stock to meet customers demand and reduce your transportation costs?

Transhipment Problem for Supply Planning — (Image by Author)
  • Inbound Transportation Costs from the Plants to the Distribution Centers (DC) ($/Carton)
  • Outbound…

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